Our Purpose

To provide superior customer service and uncompromising quality in site work/grading, demolition and draining improvements

 Our Vision
To be recognized as the leading excavation source in the Dallas/Ft Worth region


 Envirotec Construction Services, Inc.                      

Founded: September 1, 1997



"We are dedicated to providing superior customer service to our business customers, employees and partners. We achieve this by setting uncompromising standards in our work. Our goal is to exceed your expectations by producing quality workmanship and providing consistent performance on each and every job. As a company, we value people and the relationships we build with them, from our employees and their families, our builders and suppliers to the driver of our water dispenser bottles. Everyone is important to us because we care about people."

Tom VanVickle, President Envirotec Construction Services, Inc.

Office: (940) 455-7250

1965 E Hickory Hill Rd

Argyle, TX 76226

Scheduling email: scheduling@ecstx.com

  "ECS is proactive, communicates well with construction and has a willingness to help in tough situations. ECS does not say I can't, but how can we help."
Carson Carter, Robson Ranch

‚ÄčACE-(Appreciate & Celebrate Excellence) award presented to Jim VanVickle by Drees Custom Homes for "excellent and prompt service in keeping my erosion control intact and getting my drains installed on time." Mike Davis, Drees Custom Homes

ACE award presented to Jim VanVickle for "always going out of your way to take care of items in a pinch. No job seems too big or small for you to take immediate action. Thank you for your prompt service." Bryon Conner, Drees Custom Homes